Developer: Aquilonis Technologies

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XBLOCKR is a mobile phone application designed to protect your privacy from unwanted calls. XBLOCKR has all the options that will help you screen the caller on the fly when the call arrives. It also helps you avoid unwanted calls or callers that you do not want to answer with great ease.

Watch the product presentation at http://www.slideshare.net/XBLOCKR/xblockr-for-android-phones

You can DUCK or DROP calls you do not wish to answer. Please visit www.xblockr.com for further information.

Product Features:

Duck – disconnects the call.

Duck & SMS – disconnects the call and sends a pre-configured SMS to the caler.

Drop – the call is picked up for a fraction of second and gets disconnected instantly.

Do Not Disturb – ducks all incoming calls, except the numbers added to the Special Numbers List.

Duck SMS – ducks all unwanted SMS without notification and stores them to a separate folder by removing them from Inbox.